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Dr Alun is one of the best chiropractors in the UK

Dr Alun is the Principle Chiropractor and business owner here at Daventry Chiropractic. Alun’s passion for Chiropractic was ignited after experiencing recurring back pain in his late 20’s, he did exactly what you are probably doing now. Wondering if Chiropractic could help ease your back pain or other symptom. Alun did make the decision to go to a Chiropractor and has experienced it’s benefits ever since.

Dr Alun’s curiosity in how the human body works and how we heal and thrive was piqued in those first visits. Alun joined the well respected McTimoney Chiropractic College in Abingdon to complete a Master of Chiropractic degree and became a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Alun hasn’t stopped learning and practising since his first day at Chiropractic College, attending seminars and courses around the world to ensure he can always deliver the best McTimoney and diversified techniques.

As a well respected member of the Chiropractic profession Dr Alun regularly holds courses and seminars to teach and share knowledge with new and experienced Chiropractors both in Daventry and other towns around the UK.

When Dr Alun isn’t with his practice members in clinic, you’ll find him taking care of himself by going to the gym regularly and participating in regular Qi Gong sessions. Like many of you Dr Alun has a few hobbies. Fishing is one of his favourite things to do, being in nature in the quiet is relaxing for Alun. Don’t ask him about how many fish he catches, he’ll say it’s the participation that counts, which is code for not many. Alun also plays musical instruments, some of which may surprise you. Now that’s a question to ask him at your next appointment.

Alun is proud to live and work in Daventry and has established Daventry Chiropractic at the Reach for Health Centre. As much as he takes care of himself physically and by eating healthily, he does have a weakness for cake and a cuppa. Ask Helen our lead chiropractic assistant and chief cake maker. You have to be quick to get a slice of Helen’s latest bake.

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